The key to the introduction of life-enhancing products for every medical condition that currently exists are clinical trials such as those that Alliance Research Institute conducts for its pharmaceutical company sponsors.

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But the key to the successful implementation and completion of these studies begins and ends with one thing. The volunteers who generously offer their time to participate in them.  At Alliance Research Institute, the traditional values of patient care remain the cornerstone of everything we do. We are committed to treating our patients with the care and concern they deserve as human beings, as we strive to genuinely improve their lives before, during and even after the clinical trial.

In addition, Alliance strives to inform the minority population of the importance of their participation in clinical trials that can be of benefit to their communities. We feel it is extremely important that every culture be represented in order to have a true picture of the population.


Finally, because the informed consent of participants is the core ethical standard for any clinical trial, we take the minimum standards for the industry and proudly exceed them with a very strong informed consent process. We make sure that patients and their families clearly understand the information by explaining it to them in language that steers clear of confusing medical terminology.

If you are considering the possibility of becoming a participant in one of our clinical trials, you will undoubtedly have questions or concerns about the process and your part in it. We have provided a number of links that will help answer our participants’ most commonly asked questions on our FAQ page.

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