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It is usually a given fact that physicians who have busy private practices, work in hospitals, or are employed by urgent care centers have access to a variety of patients that may be perfect candidates for clinical studies.


However, there is a bit of an issue: these physicians that see a plethora of qualified study candidates do not have enough time to participate in the clinical research studies, and do not understand the clinical research industry well enough to consider referring their patients to another physician for a clinical trial.


The extensive documentation and paperwork that goes into the data collection and reporting for any clinical trial is handled by specialized staff members called clinical research coordinators. 

Additionally, the source documentation and data is regularly reviewed by internal quality assurance professionals referred to as clinical research associates, all of which is paid for by the pharmaceutical companies. 


As you can see, there is actually a system that has been put in place for physicians to successfully be able to come in and conduct clinical research trials with a minimal amount of inconvenience to them in most cases.

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This is where Alliance Research Institute brings its decades of expertise into the mix and provides a turn key solution for any physician who would like to get involved in the clinical research process.  

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